Our water is literally “All of the good, none of the bad”. We are unique in many ways. At Sterling Pure we believe in a Total Quality product, so we regularly have our water analysed by an independent laboratory to ensure our standards remain at their highest.


Purified alkaline water is now available at your request. This product is available in the same handy 5 and 3 gallon bottles as the ordinary RO Water.

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Would you drink water out of your toilet cistern ? Definitely not ! Well you actually do....every time you turn on your tap. Looking inside your toilet cistern is just like looking inside the pipes and storage locations that carry your tap water.... except your toilet is probably cleaner and less rusty ! Tap water all over the world is getting more dangerous to our health.


Sterling Pure supplies ultra-pure water using the latest and very best of American technology with morethan 16 filteration process. We remove harmful heavy metals by the technology.

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Ultra Pure Water

We remove the many harmful bacteria, inorganic minerals, heavy metals and hundreds of other harmful elements present, but leave in the naturally dissolved oxygen which is beneficial to your body.

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Types of Water

Mineral Water, RO Water , Alkaline water are the three waters produced by Sterling pure. Comes with various dispensers. Table-top, Standing and Counter-top dispensers are available for purchase.

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